Venezuela has had 23 elections in 18 years

Hope & Democracy


by: Evely García & Esteban Lema from Mérida, Venezuela

Venezuela has closed voting locations, hoping to discourage citizens from turning out. Hope for democracy lives through the young generations who have taken to the streets.

We asked Venezuelans how individuals can help. Want to get involved? Check out these resources.

Ayuda Humanitaria Venezuela

Hospitals & Clinics
Cuatro por Venezuela

Comparte por una vida

Animals in danger:
Fundacion santuario luna

Evely is Venezuelan, born at the end of the Cordillera de Los Andes in a beautiful little city called Mérida. Evely is a lover of photography and children's books designed for adults, skins are her favorite texture to photograph, and she is passionate about color, creators of images and emotions. She believes love will save the world. She graduated in Graphic Design at the Universidad de Los Andes and is interested in pursuing audiovisual anthropological studies.

Esteban is Venezuelan of Kichwa origin, a native nation from Ecuador, is an Audiovisual Producer and sound designer. The history of his family and diaspora in Mérida, Venezuela has led him to develop a line of research on mobility, migration and historical memory, through a sensitive and reflective view from etnographic and documentary films. His short films Katary –in english Stand up- (2015) and Jingoism (2017) have received awards and have been screened at different international festivals. For 2019, he expects to release his debut feature full - lenght documentary called Vida Maskay (Finding Life),a feature film that deals with the current migratory phenomenon in his country.

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